How To Start Importing From Africa In 5 Simple Steps



A Smart Business Model

There are so many powerful benefits when starting to import goods from Africa and selling them in the West, that you may wonder at the end of the webinar why you have not started this a long time ago!

Quick Start Guide!

All you need is the proper training to equip and empower you to jump-start your business and start importing high-in-demand products sourced in Africa. 

What You Will Learn In This FREE Web Class:

Why African Imports are Trending Fast 
Learn why importing from Africa is such a highly relevant and profitable business, even during the COVID19 era.
Take 5 Simple Steps To Get Started
The 5 steps you have to take to start a successful African import business - and how to access RELIABLE African suppliers.
High-in-demand products
A list of the most sought after and trending African products in the world for you.

First ever FREE online training on how to import from Africa - watch it while it is still FREE!


About Dr. Harnet

Your Africa Business Trainer

Dr. Harnet an internationally renowned and certified Africa Business Trainer. She teaches ambitious professionals & entrepreneurs in the Diaspora and friends of Africa how to start doing business in or with Africa FAST.

She has spent over 20 years (6 of them as an entrepreneur) working in and with Africa and she is on a mission to teach you how to become part of Africa's renaissance while building ethical wealth for yourself. Dr. Harnet is the co-author of the book '101 Ways to Make Money in Africa' and has been featured on Forbes Africa, the Africa Club of Air France/KLM, Newsweek, the high-profile Africa CEO Forum, and spoke at Google among other. She also leads a growing and ambitious Africa Business Academy group online, and regularly lead Business & Investment Missions to Africa .

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