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What is the African Business Academy (ABA)?
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Meet Your Trainers

Dr. Harnet 
Your Lead Trainer
Dr. Harnet is an internationally renowned and certified Africa Business Trainer. She shows ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs in the Diaspora how to start doing business in Africa FAST, while cutting down both time and cost. She teaches you winning strategies for Africa that no one else so powerfully communicates.

Dr. Harnet has spent over 20 years (6 of them as an entrepreneur) working in and with Africa and she is on a mission to teach you how to become part of Africa's renaissance while building ethical wealth for yourself. 

Dr. Harnet is the co-author of the book '101 Ways to Make Money in Africa' and has been featured on Forbes Africa, the Africa Club of Air France/KLM, Newsweek, the high-profile Africa CEO Forum, and spoke at Google among other. She also regularly leads Business & Investment Missions to Africa .
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Dr. Harnet has been featured on:

Pamela Anyoti 
Your Co-Mentor
Pamela Anyoti, Ugandan -born and raised, is the Founder of ASANTE. She founded Asante Mama 10 years ago and runs it as a social enterprise producing organic, non-GMO, fairly-traded herbal teas, spices and cocoa beans with the MISSION of uplifting farm families of Uganda out of extreme poverty.

After a successful career at the United Nations FAO in Rome, she started her African business with just 15 widow farmers in 2007 and has since over 10,000 farmers working for her. Her Asante Mama brand sells in over 300 shop outlets in Belgium, Europe, and the US.
Chinonso Ogbogu  
Your Co-Mentor
Chinonso Ogbogu is a shrewd African entrepreneur, startup investor, sound communicator, and gifted writer. He is the Founder and CEO of Sabi Writers, Africa’s leading and fastest-growing disruptive writing company headquartered in Nigeria. 

Chinonso is employing over 30 full-time staff. His clients include blue chip corporations, CEOs of multinationals, Bank MDs, celebrities, and high-profile government officials across Africa. Chinonso has started his company on a shoestring budget and rapidly grew within 2 years.
Akosua Annobil 
Your Ghana Expert
Akosua Annobil is a deeply connected communications and events expert who has led multi-sector investment and business missions to Ghana for the past five years. 

Akosua is also the creator of Tech in Ghana, the country’s leading, high-level industry conference launched by British and Ghanaian Government ministers in 2017. She is an international public relations authority in Ghana who will help you to successfully navigate through Ghana’s business community.

What People are Saying about the Academy...

"Dr. Harnet, I am speaking facts. You are THE business educator in the how to get started in business in Africa space. No one else comes close."

Iveoma Okparaeke
Business Attorney
"Before I joined the Africa Business Academy I was not sure of what I wanted to do other than connect with Africa and start a business. Dr. Harnet has a unique methodology and understanding of how to help you to practically and pragmatically get started or even how to expand your existing business into the lucrative African markets." 

Glenn Wilson
Senior ICT Expert
Dr. Harnet, I don't know where I would be if I wasn't in ABA or I didn't have you as my business coach. I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for your guidance throughout this entire process. I couldn’t have pulled off my Ghana tour business without your expertise, knowledge and contacts. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Natasha Harris
Banking Manager

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  When You Join the ABA, You Get:

  Access to Dr. Harnet
Starting an African business is an ambitious undertaking and hence having a coach at your side may make all the difference! You are not sure if you are making the right business decisions, you don't know what to do next, you may feel stuck, you have a question, need some advice, or simply continuous success mentorship on your road to wealth creation in Africa? Dr. Harnet takes her personal engagement with all Academy members very seriously and now you can have access to her support and that of other mentors on a daily basis - tailored to your very own needs - through the Networking Foyer of the Academy.

Value:  5,997

 Live Group Mentorship and Success Coaching Weekly
Dr. Harnet and ABA co-mentors will also hold regular LIVE Hangouts and open Q&A sessions for respected Academy members around business & personal growth. These mentor-ship sessions will provide guidance to improve your Africa business knowledge, so you can reach your goals. We also welcome amazing guest speakers from whom we can learn or partner with. This will be delivered through our live meetings via Zoom 1-2 times each month. There will be REPLAYS for those who cannot attend the live session.

Value:  5,997

 Monthly 'Winning Business' Training Video 
Monthly video training bundles & worksheets, which you will receive in your inbox each month. Most people get an instructor when they want to start driving a car. But when they start a business, they think they can figure it out themselves. This is the main reason why so many businesses fail! But not at our Academy: On top of teaching you about Africa’s opportunities and markets, Dr. Harnet will teach you powerful business skills each month, delivered to you as a pre-recorded video training, which you can watch in your own time.

Value:  1,997

 ABA Community 
Sometimes when we visit events we come home with a stuck of business cards, but it can be difficult to keep those contacts going - but when you are part of a committed membership network those contacts are there to stay! An important part of our Africa Business Academy is to build business relationships among our respected members and with entrepreneurs and business leaders on the continent. We will be able to share our resources, skills, and connections with each other, provide comradeship and support and generally build good business relationships, which are there to last beyond our Academy.

Value:  Priceless

 Business Opportunities in Africa
Many of our Academy members have expressed interest in investing in Africa while building their businesses. At the Academy, we are happy to occasionally make you aware of great small-scale investment opportunities in Africa that you can individually pursue if you choose to do so. Academy members have for example invested $30,000 in a pineapple Farm in Ghana.

Value:  Priceless

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 Access to Dr. Harnet's 
 Virtual Africa Business Boot Camp 
It's simple: There is no other training course out there that teaches you how to enter Africa's markets successfully. If we want to build successful businesses or investment portfolios in Africa we need the right insights and strategies to make it happen. Dr. Harnet teaches you no-nonsense, actionable success strategies in 10 video training modules that allow you to cut down TIME, RISK, and related COST when getting started in Africa. Watch and re-watch any time.

Value:  297

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Coaching, mentoring, and business training will get you there faster. My hands-on expert advice will help you to choose Africa’s smartest business models, to increase clarity, and reduce risk. 

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We guarantee that you'll love our membership program and all the benefits that come with it! However, if you are not completely happy with our program, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.  
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  • Personal Access to Dr. Harnet ($5,997 Value)
  • ​Live Group Mentorship and Success Coaching Weekly  ($5,997)
  • ​Monthly 'Winning Business' Training Video  ($1,997)
  • ​Virtual Africa Business Boot Camp ($297 Value)
  • ​ABA Community (Priceless)
  • ​Business Opportunities in Africa  (Priceless)

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  • Personal Access to Dr. Harnet 
  • ​Live Group Mentorship and Success Coaching Weekly
  • ​Monthly 'Winning Business' Training Video 
  • ​Virtual Africa Business Boot Camp 
  • ​ABA Community
  • ​Business Opportunities in Africa 
SAVE $167
  • Personal Access to Dr. Harnet 
  • ​Live Group Mentorship and Success Coaching Weekly
  • ​Monthly 'Winning Business' Training Video 
  • ​Virtual Africa Business Boot Camp 
  • ​ABA Community
  • ​Business Opportunities in Africa 

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